Mobile App : Water management & monitoring

Unique key user experience
Independent management of each hydraulic unit
Water consumption monitoring

Remotely Manage your Hydraulic Distribution Network with the app

Measure to understand and get water consumption under control.

The mobile app allows the user to interact with the box and make the corrections necessary for the proper functioning of the network. It will send him proactive notifications so that he can be more invested in the water management while maintaining optimal use of the system.

FLOWBOX mobile app
A unique key user experience

The app makes it possible to adapt a hydraulic network to the user’s consumption and thus remotely operate the housing equipment connected to the box.

Independant management of each hydraulic unit

From the app, the user can open & close the valves from the water income on each specific equipment but also on the global distribution.

Consumption monitoring

Get access to a real-time report of the overall consumption & by each seperated unit. The app also displays the expenses linked to the housing’s water consumption.

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