Solar Decathlon Middle East

Solar Decathlon Middle East –Dubai

The Solar Decathlon Competition was created in 2002 by the United States Department of Energy. It is a competition between different universities from all over the world to promote smart solar houses. Competitors must pass ten tests before they can build the house in competition during the final phase.

In 2018, Dubai has hosted the 1st edition of the Solar Decathlon Middle East. FLOVEA has taken part in the Baitykool project operated by the university of Bordeaux by providing them with two FLOWBOX Interactive. For the 2018 edition of the competition, the teams had to adapt their projects according to the climate and behavioural habits of the Middle East. This region of the world is facing high humidity and high heat, but also sand particles in the air. Thus, techniques and results from the competition could contribute into improving the living conditions of the inhabitants, but also to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. The United Arab Emirates is intended to reduce by 10 % the consumption of water and annual electricity, thus increasing consumer awareness (according to a public statement by the minister of energy).

The BaityKool team was placed 3rd in the overall competition and first in the sustainalbility category. Along with other great innovations that took part in the project, FLOWBOX Interactive was able to contribute to the sustainability of the house. The version designed for smart homes has seduced the jury as it brings connectivity to the hydraulic network and a new effective way to avoid waste in a region where water is precious.