Smart Technology


Smart Technology, Smart Home, but what is it all about?

Recently, technological developments have led households to want to equip their homes with connected objects to provide themselves with foresight, security and accessibility.

Smart Homes, which are intelligent housing with connected objects, can provide more comfort and can also limit the ecological impact of resource consumption such as water. The benefits from such connected products lies in preventing certain risks, but also in time and money saving. These products make it possible to save financially on the cost of water damage and / or on a plumber’s intervention, but it is also about saving time in the search of a leak. The reduction of energy expenses is a source of motivation for building professionals because of the control and monitoring of the consumption that these products offer. For instance, construction and real estate giants are looking to add value to their buildings and these types of connected and eco-responsible objects are very popular among the market. The « Nouvelle France Industrielle » has established connected objects as part of the country’s 34 industrial priorities. Looking at the speed at which technology is evolving, it is necessary to get a closer look and focus on these products which will, in the near future, be mainly connected. In order to set France among the leaders of this market, this plan aims to enhance companies to invest in skills to develop and market innovative objects. As part of the context of environmental impact reduction, a future regulation aims at introducing eco-responsible buildings for 2020. This regulation is seeking to increase the sustainability of buildings over time, to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (in view of the objectives set for 2050) and to support housing occupants to reduce their energy consumption.
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