Smart Technology : an innovative leak detector


Hydraulic Integration & Artifical Intelligence: the Smart Technology

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The innovation lies in the concept of hydraulic integration and in the application of smart grids to the networks.
The box has various measurement equipments to ensure differential monitoring of the networks, while being in strong interaction with the user via the application. Through a learning algorithm, the box will study how the hydraulic network operates for about 6 weeks until it can adapt itself to the consumer habits and the different water pressures measured. It will then be able to detect accurately and in seconds if a leak has appeared on the system and transmit its location to the user on the mobile app.


Why adapt accomodations into Smart Homes?

Technological developments in recent years have led households to want to equip their homes with connected objects providing them with security, comfort and accessibility.

Risk prevention

Flowbox Interactive allows the user to limit financial and material damage by preventing leakage on the system and by saving time in the search thanks to alerts triggered on the app.

Reduction of energy consumption

The app helps the user in monitoring and controling its consumption. It allows him to visualize how many gallons of water he uses every day and how it’s allocated.

Sustainable Buildings for 2020

One of the priorities of France and many other countries is to make buildings ecofriendly by 2020. The aim is to increase the sustainability of buildings over time, to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to empower housing occupants to reduce their energy consumption. There is therefore a real interest for real estate developers to acquire connected objects participating in this responsible position such as FLOWBOX Interactive.

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