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The innovation lies in the concept of hydraulic integration and the application of smart grid to the hydraulic networks of a housing complex. FLOWBOX Interactive integrates measurement equipment, actuators, flows (water, information, data…) to ensure differential monitoring of networks, while being strongly in interaction with the user via a mobile app.


The company worked on an ecological design to improve the environmental impact of our products and began expending this operation on all products within the company.
This ecodesign approach evolves around several stages. Mainly, these include: scraps optimization during manufacturing and reuse to build technical and support pieces, focusing on short circuits in the search of our suppliers, production waste recycling and the use of the slightest of different materials to facilitate the end-of-life dismantling of the product. Furthermore, the materials used to manufacture FLOWBOX Interactive are, for the clear majority, made of recyclable materials (plastics, copper).

The mobile app takes over the ecodesign concept of minimalism and sobriety of the box’s aesthetic to provide a functional and handy digital interface. Each page has been thought around the user’s needs to issue a unique experience into accessing data and gain control over the hydraulic network. The user has access to a page dedicated to setting up water consumption goals to achieve and to a real-time reading of its consumption on each independent unit. For the first time, the tenant will be able to remotely shut off each independent unit where a problem has occurred and will be informed if water leakage or contamination has occurred on the system and where.

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