Leak Detection & Management of the Hydraulic Distribution Network


Want to Remotely Manage your Hydraulic Distribution Network? An Easy Task with our Connected Tool.


The User Experience

The app makes it possible to adapt a hydraulic network to the user’s consumption and thus remotely operate the housing equipment connected to the box.

Leak Detection

In case of leakage sensing, FLOWBOX Interactive transfers information to the connected interface and can automatically cut the equipment concerned.

Energy Saving

It is therefore possible to create eco-responsible scenarios and thus avoid any risk of waste of water.


Hassle Free Installation

This box does not require specific tools or special skills for its installation. Connections and wall-mounting are simplified to allow you to save time and money.

Hydraulic Network

Each equipment can be managed independently, which is why we facilitated their identification by color code and label.

What’s going on inside the box?

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