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FLOWBOX Interactive is centered on clean technology. Our smart plumbing system optimizes water consumption.

Reduce energy expenses & waste

Drinking water resources are becoming more and more limited and reports on waste caused by leakage on hydraulic networks are alarming.
The “International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development ( 2018-2028 )” led by the United Nations could only encourage our will to make available a device allowing the prevention of sanitary and grey water waste. According to a report from the World Health Organization, an individual requires a vital minimum of 20 litres of water per day. Today, an American consumes nearly 300 litres and a Saudi 500 litres.


From a dedicated mobile app, the user can open and close the valves on each connected hydraulic unit without having to even approach its plumbing system.


In order to allow the user to limit its consumption, the SMART HOME version of the mobile app can help set goals that will allow him to reduce its use of the network and its ecological impact. In case of excess or close reach, the app sends a signal to alert the user.


A reading of the consumption by each hydraulic equipment and as an overall allows an accurate and direct monitoring of the use of the network. The user therefore has a total control over his system, right from his smartphone.


Running an eco-friendly business can have a positive impact on your company as it will greatly improve your reputation, help the environment, all while making your life easier in avoiding damages. Become a leader in the use of new technologies to manage your business and to preserve the environment ! Going green is often seen as highly inconvenient and expensive but don’t be fooled, you can actually save money by choosing to work with FLOWBOX Interactive. As you’ll keep track of your consumption and become more involved in water management, you will eventually reduce your expenses and save financially on avoiding important material damages caused by leakage. Good business ethics are important to your customers and to your employees.
Lead the way in going green and paying attention to energy expenses.

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